Welcome Girls Teams to 2018 SSAA Slow Pitch World Series!

     A Welcoming Message from Tournament Director Mike Mason

   We are proud to offer girls brackets at this years Boys Softball World Series. This decision comes after surveying the 2018 tournament scene and sensing the need to offer girls brackets at this years tourney. In the past I did offer a few girls teams entry on a limited basis to the BWS. The decision was made to open our youth slow pitch to age 10u-13u-16u- and 19/23u.
  This will make for an exciting atmosphere at the park as these ladies join the 45-50 boys teams that play regularly in this event. A lot of boys teams are from areas that also feature girls teams making it favorable for the groups to travel together to Chattanooga. The quality and excitment of the Boys Softball World Series will no doubt be appreciated by any girls teams that visit us to play in 2018.     
          Welcome Ladies  to SSAA!    Mr. Mike and Miss Ginny
Pictures of a few of our Friends that have enjoyed playing with us over the years.

A little bit about Mike Mason Director of SSAA
Youth Slow Pitch...... first and foremost I'm
Slow Pitch by Choice!   Slow Pitch is my only brand of softball, I enjoy it and have for over 35 years promoted slow pitch softball.  Thanks to all our friends that enjoy slow pitch with us.
Smyrna Travelers
Coffee County Cyclones
Smyrna Travelers
DeKalb County
Gallatin Lady Bombers
Joe Ritchie long time girls softball coach....we need more Joe Ritchies willing to coach!
Strawberry Plains girls.....join us along with your boys teams and come play slow pitch
Coffee County Cyclones (Manchester Tennessee) travel well!
Dale Cooper....always has the Cyclones  at the top!
          West Cobb Georgia..still playing Slow Pitch!
this picture is from a few years ago...but they are still at it at Lost Mountain Park....thanks West Cobb
Chaos from Manchester, Tn.   Great Slow Pitch Team!

DeKalb County, Tn. fine teams from there playing slow pitch
Shelbyville, Tn.  always great teams...this was one of the best ever! The Worth Crushers
A few final thoughts from Director Mike Mason.....

It's been a privilige to meet and get to know so many dedicated Coaches, Parents, Players, Umpires, Complex Operators, Parks and Recreation Officials, Motel Owners, and Chamber of Commerce Officals over the past 30 years.
In a recent year Miss Ginny and I traveled over 20,000 miles visiting Slow Pitch folks from Minnesota to Georgia from the Atlantic Coast to Louisiana's Gulf Coast. I've been blessed from above with countless friends and I thank God for allowing me to do what I enjoy a lot.....promoting slow pitch softball. If you are looking at joining us, we welcome you!  It's simple for me...I'm Slow Pitch By Choice!
Officials....         BigUns......          LittleUns......
most all
20+ years
Something for all ages
Director Mike Mason
 shown above with Skills Contest Winner at Opening Ceremonies
Manchester Extreme!